Empowerment: You Can Do, Be, and Have All Things!

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8 Little Things You Can Do To Empower Yourself

Child labour gradually declined in many countries, and world wars liberated many women from the home and they began to be employed in greater numbers, though many taking up these more menial jobs. Empowerment by health and educational improvements. Empowerment and the 4th IR. The dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution shows the world has shrunk and we are all more connected than ever before. The lucky minority feel empowered by technology to have more control over their lives, their work, their leisure.

The Many Faces of Empowerment

But a growing Technology Justice movement shows that while many of us have benefited by empowering technologies, a large proportion of the planet haven't got access to the technologies of even the 1st and 2nd Industrial Revolutions, like roads, electricity or medicines. Our innovations we have messed up the planet, inequalities are worse than ever, the worlds richest 7 men not 8!

The financial crisis has left many impoverished, automation threatens job displacement on a dramatic scale. The Edelman Trust Barometer shows us that trust in institutions is at an all time low.

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Mass media of all types shows up the differences between the promise of technologies and their reality, and highlights the many disparities between individuals, nations, values, aspirations and realities. Unsurprisingly, many of us who can, have begun to get less compliant, less respectful of authority, more impatient, angry and restless for change and feeling more empowered to do something about it - though this potential empowerment isn't going down well with those in charge.

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Many of the Industrial Revolutions delivered enslavement for many and empowerment for the few. This 4th Industrial Revolution shows many signs of going the same way. But looking at these technologies through an empowerment lens, the 4th IR has a greater potential for real empowerment than all the others, if we create it that way.

The 7 Characteristics of Emotional Empowerment

Here are just a few examples of how technologies are or could be used for empowerment:. The yin and the yang of the 4th IR.

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How will a vision, or a mantra of empowerment help make these sometimes scary innovations work for us all without causing more problems than they solve? I think it could, and it has to. Because the only thing which will help build the resilience of individuals and economies in the face of all this change is empowerment.

We have to do better than we did before.

Empowerment as an approach to innovation. The catalyst for this Empowerment Revolution must be a new approach to policy, research and industry strategy. People have many different names and ideas for these new approaches to economics, technology and governance, but empowerment needs to be at the heart of them all.

Could it underpin new approaches and frameworks for governance and regulation?


Our vision of involving stakeholders in the whole innovation and governance process empowers different values sets, different opinions and new ways of looking at the world. A collaborative approach to innovation and life? Technology might feel out of control, but does it have to be? So instead of the speeding train analogy, we could find some more empowering analogies of our own.

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Starlings cluster together in their thousands to seek food, scare off predators, anticipate danger and just for the fun of it. They fly within inches of each other for hours on end and there has never been an accident. Technology at the heart of an Empowerment Revolution could help us to work more like starlings - inclusively, collaboratively and wisely - considering more carefully the wider impacts of what we create. It could be argued that Brexit and the election of Donald Trump is a demonstration that people power really works, that people can change things if they take a stand.

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Empowerment Making technology count. The other Industrial Revolutions in technology terms The 1st IR was when we invented steam engines and railroads and people moved from the country the towns and new machines started to make the stuff we used to make at home. The selfless motivator is how does this serve beyond me.

Identifying the selfless motivator is generally easier, according to Wilkins. Or why did you start your business? Because it has this social impact that I care about. A lot of people are very quick to explain what it does for whoever their customer is.

Some Thoughts on Empowerment

You may also like. But stringed along the timeline of my life, they matter. You quite simply want something better. And, I also believed that their lives were so radically different from mine. God is the observer, not the creator. I think it could, and it has to. Self Empowerment and Authenticity Check List This training is going to be a good fit if, in your interactions with others, you experience any of the following:.

Moreover, the selfish one is not always obvious; sometimes it requires pushing the client beyond superficial responses. Wilkins is an avid outdoorsman and traveler. Why are you the one who has to be doing it? Making money for business owners can be the go to selfish motivator, but I keep asking why, why, why to get to the point where they give me a passionate answer. He just keeps encouraging them to go deeper. It might just come across as a story, a story from childhood or high school.

So once they have that sense of purpose and clarity they get empowered. In terms of applying these core motivators, we wanted to know how they might help an entrepreneur when faced with unexpected challenges and the self-doubt that can rear its ugly head. It allows them to talk differently to themselves in those times of stress. Such reminders can extend to visualization exercises. During one particular client visualization activity, the client depicted a little gremlin doll on a leash. It causes all sorts of tension and stress.

So she changed it to a bulldog. What does the dog do, he asked? The client responded that the dog often explored a little bit, but always came back.