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In and Out Runs phase IV sqq; sqq;. In SCP LOD, step forward right turning RF, -, side and back left to closed position diagonal reverse and center woman forward right between man's feet, back right to contra banjo; back left turning RF, -, side and forward right between woman's feet continuing to turn, and then forward left to semi-closed position, line.

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In the Woodruffs' Wonderful Wonderful , there is a hover telemark; fwd hover to banjo; bk hover to semi; in and out runs twice;;;; chair and slip to closed line and center;. Reverse Turn phase IV sqq; sqq;. In closed position or banjo facing line of dance, step forward L with right-side lead. Woman's Reverse Turn.

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In closed position, banjo, or semi-closed, step forward left turning LF, forward and side turning, and back to contra banjo reverse and center. We want to do an open reverse turn, but we have the trail foot free. This is a reverse turn done not as a couple but individually. You might be in shadow position facing LOD, both with the left foot free the woman will be doing a man's reverse turn. In the Shibatas' Orange Colored Sky , there is a shadow fishtail; solo reverse turn; and feather finish woman transition to banjo DLW; for a 3-step;.

Reverse Wave phase IV sqq; sqq;. This is half a reverse turn and then a curving, back three-step. In closed position, step forward L turning LF.


She draws L to R as he steps side R leading a heel turn, she closes. On beat four, step back L woman fwd R to closed position diagonal reverse and center. That curving path in the second measure is the "wave" the curve of an ocean wave? Do a reverse wave;; back feather; back feather finish; three step; In Call Me by the Collipis, there is a chair recover slip; reverse wave 3; slow sway right and left;; feather finish; three step;. In semi-closed position with soft knees, step forward R woman fwd L , close L to R rising onto toes but keeping knees bent, Try hard not to bounce.

This is a soft and gentle "down, up. In Irresponsible Me by the Nelsons, part B begins with a whisk; curved feather checking; outside swivel lilt pivot; to a right lunge roll and slip;. Draw lead foot and touch to face line and center only two weight changes, end with lead foot free. In closed position facing line of dance, step forward L W back R beginning to turn LF, -, side R continuing to turn and draw left to right ending in contra banjo position facing diagonal reverse and center with lead feet free, -; May begin in other facing positions.

In Molitoris' Really Mine , part B begins with an open impetus; feather; double reverse spin; drag hesitation; back twist vine 4; and hesitation change;. Hesitation Change phase IV sqq;. This is a hesitation change with a modification to reduce the amount of progression. In closed position facing diagonal reverse and center, step back L turning RF, -, continue to turn on your left heel as you draw your right heel toward your left and change weight woman side L and draw R to L no weight , -; End in closed position, usually facing line and center, although the amount of turn can vary.

In any position, bring the free foot to the weighted foot, take weight, and extend the newly free foot to the side and point the toe. This isn't particularly standard for foxtrot, but it is a great action to use if you find yourself with the wrong foot free for the next figure. Sway and look in the direction of the extended foot. Often, this figure is done from SCP with the trail feet free, and the cue is "thru to jete point.

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Don't overdo; we want elegant, not Tigger-like. Note that the figure is one-and-a-half beats only, but it creates quite a picture.

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May be done from other positions and in any facing direction. One may spring onto the trail foot and extend the lead although I have never done it. Complete the measure with a side step on the lead foot and a close trail to lead foot.

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Notice that there is no suggestion in this description that the woman should step across in front of the man as she turns. The "pickup" step is a straight step down whatever line of progression you are traveling and a turn to face. This puts her neatly on his right side in good closed position. Can be danced from other positions, e.

This is the proper foxtrot pickup. In semi-closed position, step thru with the trail foot.


Step side and forward to closed position, and then cross right in back of left, turning slightly LF woman crosses L in front of R. In the Hartungs' White Lilacs , there is an open reverse turn; outside check; open impetus; slow side lock; to a diamond turn;;;;.

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Learn at your own pace and comfort level. If you would like to enrol as a sole booking the office will take your details and will contact you if more learners enquire individually. Contact him to see which dance they're working on. Register on-line at www. Our dance classes are social dance classes which means we are not looking at exams or competitions. If you have a partner who would like the class with you, the price is the same!

This is a pickup starting from closed position facing RLOD. Your trail feet are free. Whiplash phase IV ss;. In semi-closed position, trail feet free, step thru, turning body RF woman LF to closed position. On the second "slow" point the lead feet and hold. Sometimes, the music might tell you to step and sharply ronde the lead foot, like the crack of a whip, leaving a little extra time to shape to your partner and then sway away from that extended lead leg. In the Sechrists' Believe Me , part B begins with a natural weave;; reverse wave; back to a slow throwaway oversway;; link to semi; open natural; outside swivel and whiplash; Shibata's This Can't Be Love has a hover to semi; whiplash and freeze; quick change sway and check back; double reverse;.

This figure does progress down line. It is important for both partners to step well under the other and to change places completely with each step. If you do make the full turn, you can pivot again and again. If you don't quite make it, you'll fall behind. I don't think I've ever heard this cue. This is a Pivot Four. Stay low—no rise or fall and no sway. Ends in CP unless otherwise cued.

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Multiple reverse pivots alternate the actions described above. The word "pivot" is not only used to refer to a couple action. Here, the woman pivots, but the man does not. In semi-closed position, step back on lead feet, the woman beginning a LF pivot on the ball of her right foot her thighs locked and left leg extended forward.

Finally, he steps forward L in closed position. Of course, the "pivot" is the lady's LF turn on the ball of her right foot. The "slip" is the smooth turning action, the sneaking of her left foot against his right, and the neat change to closed position. In the Springers' Stardust Foxtrot , there is an open telemark; hover fallaway; slip pivot; manuver; and two right turns;;. Outside Change phase IV sqq;. In closed or banjo reverse, step back L, back R turning LF, and side and forward to banjo or semi, line of dance.

The woman will step forward R, forward, and then either side and back to banjo or side and forward to semi, depending on the lead and cue. In closed position RLOD step back R, -, side and forward L turning LF, and then check forward R to banjo reverse and wall; May begin in other facing directions and turn varying amounts.

In Lefeavers' Christmas Candles , part B has a reverse wave;; back 3-step; outside check to banjo reverse and wall; back hover telemark; to a promenade weave;;. In banjo, step back L, woman forward R. The woman then turns RF on the ball of her right foot while the man crosses his right foot in front of his left to get that leg out of her way. Only one weight change; end in SCP, trail foot free.

Although not standard, we can dance an outside swivel from SCP beginning with the trail foot. Sometimes, the cue is "outside swivel twice. In the Fishers' C'est Si Bon , part A has a closed telemark; open natural; outside swivel twice; impetus to semi;. In closed position facing LOD, step forward left turning LF W bk R , -, both point trail feet toward line and continue to turn, and finally check thru to banjo reverse two weight changes, lead feet free at the end.

In the Moores' Just In Time , there is a three step; natural turn; back feather; back feather to sidecar checking; cross swivel to banjo; maneuver and pivot 3 to semi; to a whiplash;. In closed position facing LOD, step forward L woman bk R turning LF with left sway, sd R swiveling LF woman close L , back L stepping toward line and center swiveling LF and leaving right foot forward woman fwd R outside partner flick left foot up in back from the knee and swivel RF to semi-closed , thru R woman thru L toward line and wall to end in semi-closed position;.

Spin Turn phase III sqq;.