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Still though the Barrett M95 was adopted by a number of countries from all around the world. The Barrett company announces that this sniper rifle is used by 15 countries.

American Modern Sniper Rifles

However the Barrett M95 could never match the popularity of the original Barrett M82, that is in service with nearly 60 countries. As of the Barrett M95 is still being offered.

Essentially the Barrett M95 can be seen as a manually-operated version of the Barrett M82 with a bullpup layout. The bullpup layout, as well as more simple bolt-action operation, allowed to reduce overall length and size of the weapon. However it maintains barrel length and performance of the M The M95 is chambered for a powerful This weapon comes with a mm 29" barrel.

This sniper rifle has a manual thumb-lever safety. The Barrett M95 can be easily field stripped for cleaning and maintenance. The weapon can be disassembled or assembled for cleaning within 60 seconds, without using any tools. This rifle is used to destroy sensitive enemy equipment, like parked aircraft, radar units, trucks and various other important assets at long range. It is also used for remote destruction of explosive ordnance. Even though the Barrett M95 was originally designed as an anti-material rifle, it is often used as a long-range anti-personnel sniper weapon.

It can neutralize enemy snipers at standoff ranges. Furthermore this rifle can be also used to hit enemy soldiers, that are hiding behind cover and walls, as its powerful ammunition can penetrate through bricks and concrete. The muzzle brake reduces the forces acting on internal mechanisms and the shooter.

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There is also a highly absorbent recoil pad. The Barrett M95 is fed from detachable 5-round capacity magazine.

Best Sniper Rifles In The World 2018

This sniper rifle has a scope rail on top of the receiver. Current production version has a Picatinny-type scope rail. This weapon is being offered with a Leupold 10x magnification scope. Though it can also mount various other scopes and night vision sights. There are no backup iron sights for emergency use in case of scope damage. This weapon is typically used out to a range of around meters, though skilled snipers can hit targets at ranges beyond 2 meters.

Soldier Systems

This rifle has a detachable bipod. It accepts a rear adjustable monopod. This weapon can be fitted with a carry sling. It is one of the best sniper rifles in the world. Also this weapon was designed to handle more powerful cartridges with a maximum length of 95 mm. This sniper rifle is in service with at least 14 countries from all over the world, including the Finnish Defense Forces.

It is mainly used by army units and special forces. Also there are some law enforcement users. This sniper rifle is available chambered for. Both versions come with a mm 27" barrels.

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The version chambered for. Finnish Defense Forces' designation of this sniper rifle is 8. This sniper rifle comes with a black or green stock.

The stock is fully adjustable. There is a version of this weapon with a folding stock. This sniper rifle comes with a Picatinny-type scope rail.

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Various scopes or night sights can be used. There are no back up iron sights for emergency use. A detachable muzzle brake is proposed as an option. This sniper rifle can mount a sound suppressor. It was developed in the s to replace the Springfield Armory M21, and was first fielded in The M24 was effectively the Army's first weapon developed specially for sniping.

It is designated as a "weapon system" rather than simply a weapon, because a detachable telescopic sight and a variety of tools and accessories are issued along with it as part of a single package. It is also employed by the US Air Force. The M24 is a bolt action rifle, feeding from a detachable box magazine holding either 5 or 10 rounds, depending on the model.

Iron sights are fitted as well, as backup for the scope. T he M24 is chambered for the 7. It is able to fire machine gun grade ammunition, but this practice is usually avoided, as the lackluster quality of these rounds results in poor accuracy. The "long action" design of the M24 also allows it to be reconfigured to fire larger rounds, and variants chambered in. The effective range of the M24 is m, though shots have successfully been made at beyond 1 m. As with its accuracy, the range of the M24 also varies slightly with the ammunition used. From a machine rest, the accuracy can be as low as.

The M24's barrel is made of R Stainless Steel. Its rifling is highly unusual in having 5 grooves, rather than a more common even number.

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The logic behind this decision is that with no grooves or lands directly across from one another, deformation of the bullet is greatly reduced, theoretically resulting in greater accuracy. The actual accuracy of the M24 varies with the type of ammunition used, but is close to 1 MOA with match-grade ammunition at most distances.

Though designed to maintain accuracy up to 10 rounds fired, the barrel reportedly demonstrates increasing accuracy up to that mark, which is retained even after 20 rounds are fired.

What is the best sniper rifle calibers?

The VSS barrel has a series of small ports drilled in the rifling grooves, leading into the suppressor, which slows and cools the exhaust gases. Spirit levels are common aftermarket accessories for precision rifles as cant can cause a significant deviation in shot trajectory. In the absence of Picatinny rails, the Dragunov rifles are also incompatible with several modern essential accessories like magnification and sight systems. Mauser Karabiner Kar 98k. Laura Thompson. Similar proposals came from Malaysia and Indonesia. The butt plate is regulated — up to 69 mm — for its operator.

The cheekpiece is fixed, while the buttplate is extendable up to 2 inches. The standard container for the complete weapon is the M Weapon Container for Airborne Operations. Over 15 M24s were manufactured. Some law enforcement organizations also operate M24s. It is not offered for sale to civilians, but several companies manufacture similar or even nearly identical rifles for the civilian market.

It is based on the Blaser R93 hunting rifle, but has a detachable magazine, muzzle brake and fully adjustable stock. Its production commenced in This weapon and its versions are used by a number of military, special forces and law enforcement units from all over the world. Production of all R93 series rifles was stopped in in favor to the new R8 bolt-action rifle.

The Blaser R93 Tactical is a bolt-action rifle.

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This page is a listing of major precision rifle variants used by snipers from around the world. A hunting or precision rifle equipped with a telescopic optic has. A sniper rifle is a high-precision rifle designed for sniper missions. It serves to fulfill the tactical . Classification[edit]. Modern sniper rifles can be divided into two basic classes: military and law enforcement.

However this weapon has a straight-pull action design, that was introduced in the Blaser R93 hunting rifle. This action is more comfortable to use and allows for faster follow-up shots compared to traditional bolt-action rifles. However such design is more complex.