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You guys are awesome, thanks for your help". The crew did a fantastic job, they cleaned up great afterward.

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Got Trees? The owner of the company Clay Martin came to the house, measured for the gutters and provided an estimate. We are having trouble finding your location. Also see our page of descriptive terms. And the basement?

We highly recommend them". Serving Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania.

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Gutter Cleaning. Give your home a face lift with new vinyl covered aluminum fascia wrap and vinyl vented soffits.

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ERIC N. Wilmington, DE.


The Gutter Guys service four states with nine different offices. Meet Dave Hagerty.

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1. What a friend tells another friend when he/she is being overly perverse 2. A phrase said by weary people when many "That's what she said" and "69" moments. A phrase said when a listener infers a dirty/sexual innuendo from something said by the speaker who did not imply anything of the kind.

Meet Michael Barton. Meet Bill Thompson. Meet Bill Bradley Jacqui Keselica.

Meet James Dennis and Dan Harrison. Start in the corners Use a gloved hand to clear debris from tight spots, such as corners and downspouts.

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Toss debris in a bucket instead of onto the ground, where it can become a slipping hazard. Clear straight runs A DIY plastic scoop is an easy, inexpensive tool for removing leaves.

I poke my head out of the gutter for one freakin' second and fate shovels shit in my face

Peel the label off a quart-size plastic milk jug or a ounce soda bottle. Use a utility knife to slice off the bottom at an angle to make the scoop.

Here’s Why You Need A Summer Gutter Cleaning

Free connections Usually, two elbows join the gutter to the downspout—a perfect place for clogs. A blast of water from a garden hose is often enough to clear them. For stubborn blockages, try a hand-crank plumber's snake, then use the hose to flush out the downspout. Skip to main content.

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