Yoga In School, A Primer for Teachers and Parents

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There are five main types of struggles we tend to see. Perhaps you see yourself in one or more of them:. Regardless of the issue, yoga has provided some refuge and strengthened them. They came ready to commit to learning all that they could. You can read more about our point of view and philosophy here but we thought we might also share a few words about past ideal students and community members.

Perhaps you might see yourself in them. I am the founding director of Axis Yoga Trainings. I was first introduced to yoga in while on a rogue trip to India just after highschool. I studied asana, learned yoga philosophy and meditated on the shores of the Ganges river. A whole new world opened up inside of me, and the tone for my entire adult life was set. Over the ensuing decades, I studied with world-renowned asana and meditation teachers and completed multiple and hour trainings, and returned to India many times to deepen my study.

I received so much benefit and guidance from yoga that I naturally wanted to share it with others. I am committed to presenting yoga as a traditional and holistic system. Nor have I had many jobs that required shoes I was a lifeguard before turning yoga teacher. I created Axis as a safe haven for a diversity of people who may prefer to practice outside of a conventional studio setting.

I believe that we each have a purpose. Life circumstances lead us to understand our role and temperament more fully. When we consciously live into our role we serve and receive the support of the greater welfare. Though it can be hard to recognize at times, I believe that the Universe is ultimately a safe and benevolent place.

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Developing a yoga practice that has depth aids in that process. It is also a sound foundation from which to teach. Axis is a rare gem in the city and teaches the true roots of yoga. I believe that there are five fundamental steps that anyone serious about delving into yoga must engage in. It will continue to grow. That means more and more teachers in every city. More classes to choose from. More competition and a more difficult time getting and keeping students. Based on nearly 20 years as a professional yoga teacher I have found that the teachers who endure are the ones with depth.

So how do you become one of those?

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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. To get started, people often combine their particular passion or profession with yoga practice. Sixth Ave. Why meditation is good for your health. There are almost two months left of this much needed respite--but in case you are ready to start looking forward, here is some information about the school year. Thank you Axis! Anna January 25, - pm I trained in Transcendental Meditation but I eventually found that the repeating of the mantra became a burden.

Four steps. Mainstream yoga focuses on the postures.

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However, the potential scope of yoga is far more encompassing. I suggest expanding your options and be open to learning about other yogic modalities. They will add exponential depth to your practice. Personally, I feel drawn to yoga practice that is rooted in tradition and I offer my students a full scope of methodologies.

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After some exploration into the deeper, often ignored world of yoga, you might realize that what you really want is to be an ayurvedic practitioner and help people with nutrition and lifestyle rather than teach asana classes. You may find that you really resonate with bhakti yoga the yoga of devotion , or want to emphasize meditation in your personal practice. Yoga has so much more to offer beyond the poses.

Not all teachers are equally knowledgeable or emphasize the same points. Some teachers will be much more impactful for you than others. You may begin to recognize when you become reactive, finally see the underlying emotions, and now have the tools to address the deeper issues.

A knowledgeable teacher can save you years of trial, error, and heartache. Yoga can be powerfully transformational. A student-teacher relationship is built upon mutual trust and respect. A teacher is not necessarily a personal friend though they can be friendly.

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Their job is to hold space for yoga. A teacher has positive regard for the student and guides them with patience and understanding. They are there to provide support, give direction when needed, and instruct by example. They point out the territory, they show the student s how to recognize and overcome troublesome friction in their lives and how to live more fully. They offer practices to aid in the process. In my view, teachers are ineffective when they operate out of self-interest, do not maintain their own practice or have insight into the things that they are teaching. When the teacher relies on giving platitudes to the students that they read in a book or offhandedly heard from somebody else, the presentation will lack potency, substance, and compassion.

I sometimes see teachers insincerely praise students. From my perspective, a teacher is there to help students discover their own capabilities rather than to artificially laud upon them. On their best days, the teacher is an embodiment of and an empty conduit for transmitting yoga. They translate and present complex, even bewildering teachings, in a way that the student can understand and grow into. The student then gets to apply the methods and reflect on the teachings.

We believe that effective teaching is rooted in being a dedicated student. Teaching then becomes an organic extension of your committed practice. Your personal practice is the foundation for the house of your teaching. Of course this same line of thought also pertains to your personal relationship with yoga. If you practice on a daily basis your mind and body will seamlessly adapt to the higher version of yourself. It will happen naturally. Regularity is the key. Developing a personal practice is a little bit like growing a tree, at first you have to be very diligent to make sure it gets enough water, nutrients and sunlight.

You may also have to put some kind of barrier around it to prevent it from getting stepped on or eaten by insects. Eventually the tree comes into its own, is able to fend for itself, provides shade, fruit and intrinsic beauty. Being a dedicated yoga student entails both regular practice and natural curiosity. As you learn and apply new methods and self reflect on their effect, you discover how to shape your experience of life towards one of less fear and towards more joy.

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I suggest that students build a dedicated practice and find joy in it as well. Some, if not much, of the content in this program may be new to you. It might seem foreign and unfamiliar. It is a little like traveling to a foreign country where you may not have a grasp the language or the food is different. The experience of travel is always revealing and can show you a world entirely outside of your known reality. You can also look at the yoga training as an experiment in which the outcome is not entirely certain, though you have a hunch that it will lead you to a better place.

Yoga practice is unique in that you are both the subject and the object of your study.

You are not standing there doing tests on something in a petri dish. You are the canvas and the painter.

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The program will support you in integrating the pieces of the program into the grand experiment of your life. This program is challenging at times. Apply yourself to the process to get the most out of it, and know that you will most likely not understand or integrate all of the content. Dedication will help you make the most of this opportunity. The classroom thrives when people ask questions fully participate.

Your participation contributes to the welfare of the greater class atmosphere. Being a confident teacher is not a given. As with learning any craft, at first, it can be awkward and unfamiliar. Inevitable questions arise such as: Where do I position myself in the room? How do I demonstrate? How do I find my voice?

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What happens when many different skill levels show up in the same class?